Friday, January 8, 2010

The kids had the greatest time this summer in the garden, watering and picking, and eating. It was really rewarding.
I love this picture. It is like the Chiquita Banana goes veggies. I had looked forward to my tomatoes for months and I never thought I would be tied of them but I soon found my self sick of canning tomatoes. I am sure grateful I did though now that we are in the winter and living on Spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, sweet and sour sauce, chili sauce, salsa and canned tomatoes. It was acutally the time of my life. I lived for the garden this summer. It was my reward after getting some of the indoor work done.
My little helper with a huge tomato.
He was my buddy outside this summer. This was not our own garden I have to give all the credit to our neighbor Hal Allen, he is the one who irrigated and saved my plants time after time.
Matthew with his cousin Daniel who both started Kindergarten this year. Daniel is in the class next to Matt but they do get to have recess together. Mary misses Matthew although I think she loves being the head honcho around the house for half a day.
Matthew's desk. He has the sweetest teacher, Ms. Thompson. Seriously, she is sugary, sticky, sweet. I have never met some one like her. I wish she could teach all my children every grade. We love her.
Little Matt ready to go. He, like Hazel, was nothing but excited to go, he couldn't wait for school to start, he is doing really well.
Our first school bus. That is our bus driver Richard in the back. He is so nice, but of course he is look at his hat! No but really, he has been so sweet to her on the days she is late he waits for her and when she slipped in the snow before getting on he handed her a tissue and asked if she is OK. We love him.
Hazel's first day of 1st grade, actually she moved up to 2nd grade after about a month so we can call this her first day of the 1st and 2nd grade school year!
She is beautiful isn't she. She was not nervous at all, just excited.
Her first piano recital, that is my sister Marjorie with Hazel, she is Hazel's piano teacher. SO FUN
Memorized and no mistakes. She did a great job.
Waiting for someone to catch a fish. We were too nervous for Marcus to be by the river so he was stuck in his stroller. But Dad made throwing pebbles fun.
This was so delicious. It is PF Chang's Great Wall of Chocolate. Mo knows just what I like.
Still no fish. Indeed we may say that after a dozen fishing trips this summer we never caught a fish big enough to keep, but we made memories right?
We had a great time trying. The kids just loved casting over and over.
My sister-in-law's and my birthday party. So fun to be here around them all! It is so good to be back.

Hazel with her broken arm and my mom helping her practice the piano.
We have been so blessed to have my parents serving there mission 10 minutes away. These are some of my very favorite pictures of my dad. This is one of the times we have fed the "missionaries".
Our family reunion this year was in St. George (in my parents mission boundaries) We had a great time! Oh, how I LOVE his smile!! He had so much fun in the water but he thought he could swim and it drove him crazy that we wouldn't let go!! Who knows maybe we should've had more faith in him and let him go for it!
If Hazel looks a little nervous in this picture it is because she was! She had just learned to swim all by herself and most of the week she was just barely above water!
The twins seperated by 24 years!
Grandpa Eddy and Marcus!

So can I just post a million pictures in one post and call it good? Seriously I have not does this for 8 months, we'll see if I remember how to post pictures, I hope they will be in some order and make some sense. Enjoy!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City!

Story time at the Great Wolf Lodge, such a good idea!
Happy Birthday Matthew!
Make a wish!!!!!!
All of us at Liberty Jail.

The title is for all of us "Oklahoma" fans. Morgan's sister Shelly came to see us and we took our long awaited trip to Kansas City for the T-Rex Cafe, The Great Wolf Lodge and the out of this world Barbecue at Jack Stacks. We stopped at Liberty Jail in Liberty Missouri where the prophet Joseph Smith and others had been held for months in ghastly conditions. That was a good experience. Then we went to the T-Rex cafe for Matt's birthday. It was awesome and the food was better than I expected. Usually those kinds of places are more for the atmosphere, but I was pleasantly surprised. Then on to the Great Wolf Lodge!!!! We were not disappointed we could've stayed there for a week. The kids took to the water like fish and it was warm and wonderful. We were so glad to have Shelly there with us. She was so fun and such a great help. And we didn't take any pictures of Jack Stacks I think, rather, I know we were too focused on our food to think of anything else. It is the highest rated Barbecue in the country and there is no disputing that!! Enjoy the pictures!